Well I have been here at Glorieta since this past saturday.  God has been doing a major reconstruction of my heart and my soul and IT IS GOOD!!  

I have been listening to some of the most amazing and bold teachings my 25 year old ears have ever heard from the speakers David Platt and Michael Kelley and IT IS GOOD!!!

Basically guys and gals it has just been an amazing week of being in a beautiful place surrounded by Gods glory through creation and the gathering of hundreds of collegiate students and leaders to worship the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

Today I had the honor to join two of my brothers Jackie Flake and Jeff Noble in prayer as we walked in the beautiful “Prayer Garden” that is located on the Glorieta campus.  We prayed for direction and guidance as the Lord is working in all of our lives in ways that we are not totally sure of at the moment.  

Prayer for me has always been something that I have always just have done.  I don’t believe as a young child and even as an adolescent I knew completely the power and the purpose as well as the honor that prayer all poses in a believers life.  It is my source of communion with my Lord.  It is my guidance.  I should awaken everyday and pray before I start my day.  How better of a way to start it than to consult the Father and ask Him to guide me through my day.

Wikipedia attempts to define prayer as the “attempt to communicate with a diety or spirit.”  This I believe is a slap to the face of our creator!!  Prayer is the communion with the Creator of the universe!!  It is the process of talking with the source of everything holy and good.  It is my way of knowing what to do.  I do realize that many religions pray to many different things but as a christian this is what prayer means to me.

Then why don’t I do it more?  Why do I spend next to no time consulting with the source of all good and perfect things?  Why would I step out my apartment in the morning without asking the Spirit to lead me as I go?  Disobedience is the only proper answer I believe.

I believe that if we as believers should be a people of prayer.  Praying for our nation.  Praying for our leaders.  Praying for our pastors and other leaders in our church.  Do we really have a just reason to complain about issues within our nation or business or the church if we are not daily praying that God will guide them and bless them?  I believe not.

I would like to encourage you that as you have read this that you will take the time to pray.  I would also be so bold to say that it will change your life incredibly if you commit to a life of prayer.  If you need special prayer I would be glad to pray for you.  

Be blessed and may you experience the great love from our great God today.


3 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. Prayer is an awesome thing. It can totally transform a life. I have been puzzled with why I in particular don’t prayer as much and I know the impact that it has on me.

    One thing that has helped me is a statement by Jeff. When someone ask you to pray for them. Don’t just say I will pray for you. Stop what you are doing and pray right then because if you walk of you will forget about it. Then it is a lie to that person that you said you would pray for. So praying right then when people tell to pray for something has improved my prayer life.

    Prayer is awesome and powerful.

    By the way, I love the new look.

  2. I’ve definitely experienced the power of prayer in my life. Just this past week God did some amazing things in the life of my family. You can read about it at my blog! 😉
    And yet, I go through periods that I just don’t pray like I need to. It’s something that I have to constantly work on.

    Thanks for the great post!

    Brittanys last blog post..Thanks for your prayers!

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