The importance of bathing

I was reminded of something from a somewhat strange situation this morning.  I woke up and took as shower before I headed to the pond to do my quiet time before breakfast.

When I got to the bench in front of the pond I heard a strange noise from behind the canoes down by the water.  I stood up and walked to the edge of the water and saw what it was.  A goose giving himself/herself a bath.  I just sat there and watched in somewhat amazement!!!

This can be an important reminder of what we as believers should do to start our day.  You see the goose and I didn’t begin our day dirty!!  We woke up and immediately bathed and started our day clean.

The application of this is that we should clean ourselves spiritually every morning so we do not start our day spiritually dirty.  Preparing ourselves for the day ahead.  Praying for our daily bread and for our eyes to be opened to the divine appointments that He might have for us today.  

And for pete’s sake we don’t want to smell you!!!


2 thoughts on “The importance of bathing

  1. So, having your one year old smear squished banana in your hair isn’t the optimal way to begin each day? Interesting… I shall try the spiritual cleaning in the a.m. and see if that gives me a better attitude in the wee morning hours. My family will be grateful.

    Mandys last blog post..$$$

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