Home sweet home(back to work for now)

Well about 2,500 miles later I have made the trip from Monticello, AR to Glorieta, NM to San Angelo, TX back to Monticello.  Jeff and I started on August 2 and arrived back home last night at about 9:30p.m.

I had an amazing time but I was so glad to see the city lights as we pulled in(even though it was in the pouring rain)  We had such an amazing time at Collegiate Week and then had a great time at Carolyn’s families lake house.  We played on the jet skis and played with all the kids!!!  They were everywhere!!

I missed home though.  I realize that eventually reality was going to hit and I was going to wake up inside my tiny apartment at the BCM.  I did that this morning and I was almost relieved.  I missed Becca so much and the little time I got to spend with her last night seemed to make up for 9 days we spent apart.

So time to get ready for our leadership retreat we are taking on tuesday and wednesday!!  I can’t wait to see the students again and share with them what has been on Tracy and I’s heart.  What’s even better is that I get to go with Becca to see her sister get married in Destin, FL!!!

So when I get back from the beautiful beach…..it will really be time to get back to work!!!


3 thoughts on “Home sweet home(back to work for now)

  1. I am infinitely jealous that you get to go to Destin for a wedding… why don’t the people I know get married in vacation destinations?

    So glad you are all back home safely. Thanks for not killing Jeff while jetskiing… we need him around.

    Seeing Becca at church yesterday without you made us all miss you even more.. get back to Journey ASAP! 🙂

    Mandys last blog post..$$$

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