Well Becca and I made the 8 and a half hour trip to Destin, Florida yesterday after I returned home from the BCM leadership retreat.  The retreat was awesome!!  It was great to see the old gang and it was a great time of encouragement and a fan to the flame that was started at Glorieta.

I am with Becca in Destin for her sister Brandi’s wedding!!  She is marrying a great guy from Longview, TX named Jared Duncan.  He has become a good friend!!  We were a little worried after we payed a visit to the beach last night and were greeted with the sight of dozens of jellyfish washed up on the shore!!

No worries cause we had an amazing day boogie boarding and swimming and the only thing to a jellyfish sting is the welp I have on my leg from Becca popping me with a towel!!  

Well we are going to get cleaned up and eat and then go GO KART racing!!!  They are all going down!!!  In the morning we are waking early and heading out deep sea fishing!!!  I have been so spoiled by God’s beautiful creation these past couple of weeks!!!!


2 thoughts on “Destin!!!

  1. I’m guessing you’ve had some stormy weather if the jellyfish are all on shore. SCARY!

    Have fun at the wedding! Maybe it will encourage you to start planning your own…

    Mandys last blog post..Rejection

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