So I don’t know if I have seen it rain this much in a long long time!!!  I can’t honestly say that I don’t like it though!!  I was supposed to have my first Chemistry test today but I lucked out and didn’t have it due to the electricity being out!!  My other class was canceled as well so I am currently going to have 6 days off from school!!!  Its kind of a mini spring break!!!

I do however have the utmost sympathy for all the families that have been affected in a not so good way from this current storm.  I also pray that the storm that is coming behind it will not be as large as Gustav.

Joe came to me yesterday and shared with me his concern and willingness to plan something for us to do for the evacuees that are staying in our town!!!  This made me smile on the inside as I wait to see his follow through.  Hopefully he will inspire some of our other students to get their face out of their lap tops and get our and do something!!!  I also loved how he seemed to be the only one who stood up for his idea when Justin put in his always pessimistic “2 cents”.

Joe is becoming….


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