Doggie Sitter

So my girlfriend has turned me into a softie…..seriously.  I have never liked small dogs or enjoyed their presence at all until Becca bought Ryker.  Ryker is a mixed bred of Shitzu and lopso apso.  When I first saw him I was like……oooo how cuuutteee, but I was really like….What is that little ball of fur that fits into your hand?

He has since grown to about four pounds and has grown on me as well!!!  Everyday while Becca is in class I get to keep Ryker over at the BCM.  I can honestly say I enjoy it!!!  I feed him, take him out for potty breaks, and hold him while he naps!!  Everyone around here loves him and helps out quite a bit.  I love being a doggie sitter.

Or maybe I just really love my girlfriend!!


5 thoughts on “Doggie Sitter

  1. Hey Jeremy! Just checking in…I know you’ve been busy. I’m praying for you and hope to see you soon. Tell Becca “hi” for me. Love, Lindsay

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