Busy, Busy, Busy

I know this comes as a complete shock to some of you but if you have not noticed I have not updated my blog in about three weeks!!!  My bad 😦  Ever since the nailbenders got on campus I have seemed to have been swamped with a million things to do!!  Don’t get me wrong I loved every second I got to serve and serve with those guys!!  It was amazing to see how quick we got that building put up!!  You can go to the BCM webpage and view pictures of the building from start to finish!!!

Last week the roofers came down from Tennessee and in three days our roof had been completely done!!  I only got to help two days with these guys but it was cake compared to doing Justin’s roof this past spring!!  I never knew that he was preparing me for one day putting a roof on our BCM building…Thanks Justin!!!

So this brings us to this week.  Other than Bible study on tuesday night, Pancakes yesterday morning and Refuge last night, I seem to have found time to breath!!!  So now I sit here and update my blog for the first time in a month!!  Hopefully this can be recieved as a proper illustration of the life of a campus ministry assistant!!!


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