Its been a while….

….one month to be exact!!  I have been a terrible “Blogger” over the past month.  I have definitely not handled my busy schedule perfectly over these past few weeks.  Blogging has not been one of my priorities and for that I say I am sorry.

I love my blog.  It is a place for me to come and put my thoughts down and share with you what I am thinking, feeling and what I have been going through.  I promise to do better!!

On a better note I am nearing my goal of $3,850 for my mission trip to Africa this month.  I never imagined last new year that I would spend this new year in South Africa!!  I will be updating more in the next few weeks as the time nears for my departure.

Keep me in your prayers!!  God has done an incredible job in providing the money so far.  Thank you so much for those of you that have given so far!!

I am also blogging from my brand spanking new MacBook for the first time!!!  I am sure you will see more candids like this in the future!!


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