Im so glad thats done!!  Now Im just ready to heal up and get moved into the new BCM!!  Here is a rundown of the race:

Mile 1-6:  Jared and I started out with a nice steady pace.  Walked for the first time through mile 6 water stop.

Mile 6-10:  Still going strong.  Walking through every other water stop.

Mile 10-13:  Legs getting heavy.  Walking through every water stop.

Mile 13-16:  Got passed by a guy with two prostetic legs!!  Getting Tired of the terrible wind off of white rock lake!!

Mile 16-19:  Thought I saw Elvis walking on the lake….I think I started hallucinating!!

Mile 19-23:  Cramping starts…

Mile 23-Finish:  Cramping is getting bad….Start shooting for the next stop sign!!!  Enter the city and finish strong for the last half mile!!!  Cross the finish line!!  Im done baby!!  Give me my medal!!!


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