Help send Clark and I to Poland!!

Well its been a couple months since I have begged for money 😉 but here I go again!!!

When Jeff returned from Poland back in October and shared with us at journey what the Lord had done in his heart through the trip I instantly felt called to go!!!  For those of you that have felt a call it is something that is hard to explain….its like being addicted to coffee and what the smell of it does to you!!!!  Except this is infinitely stronger!!!

I was so blessed to be able to go to South Africa this past December and January.  Through that trip God further revealed to me the call He has put on my life for global missions.  I can’t ever begin to explain to you the excitement that is surround us as we prepare to go on this trip….

Will you help?  Will you be our prayer warriors?

Here is a link to our facebook chip-in account!!  It is fast and simple!!  Thanks for considering!!


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