Sundays are for Worship!!

Don’t you feel blessed to be in a country and situation that we are in to be able to gather with our friends and families across our nation and worship an Everlasting God this morning!!!

We are so fortunate to be able to gather with the saints and not face persecution and danger.

This is not so for thousands of other Christians that live across our world in nations and countries that do not support their will to worship our Savior….

Let us be mindful of the persecuted church on a day where you freely worshiped in yours.


One thought on “Sundays are for Worship!!

  1. Great post…

    It is so easy to just waltz into church on Sundays and not even give a second thought to what a RARE and amazing blessing it is to be there. We can worship, Bibles in hand, without fear. It is amazing how God has blessed America.. even when we certainly do so little to deserve it.

    Mandys last blog post..I Finally Did It

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