Sundays are for worship!!

Im so blessed to be able to gather with my bretheren and sistren at journey church this morning and worship our King!!!  I am currently listening to Jeff and Adelyn practice their special for this morning!!  That girl can really sing!!  Oh and Jeff isn’t so bad on the guitar either 😉

Jeff will be preaching on the sermon on the mount as well as taking us through the Lords supper this morning. Josh and I will be leading the group in worship with songs written about the blood of Christ and His deliverance!!

Its looking like this is going to be an amazing morning!!  We would love if you could join us sometime!!

Here is the website.


3 thoughts on “Sundays are for worship!!

  1. Sunday was awesome – we have the best Sunday leadership teams ever!!

    I’m so excited for you guys… you’re about to leave for Poland! (in case you forgot.. better get ta packin’!) Know that all of us are praying for you and we can’t wait to hear all about it!

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