Krakow day 1

Well we had a relatively smooth travel day to Krakow, Poland!!  God is so good.  We met up with Shae and his son Phillip at the Krakow Airport and he took us to our amazing Hostel.  We brought some football equipment donated by the Ryburn Motor Company for Phillip and one of his buddies!!  He was glowing when we showed it to him!!  Shae said he wanted to wear it to sleep!!

We went to bed around 9 and woke up this morning at 7.  We are 6 hours ahead of our friends and family back in Arkansas but it seems we have had a flawless transition to the time change.  We will be leaving shortly for church this sunday morning.  We will be thinking and praying for our church family at journey!!  I will be leading worship for the international service tonight at 6 so pray that the Lord will use me to bless not only Himself but the people that will be there!!

We meet up with the rest of our group from Bryant as they will be coming in later this afternoon.  Football camp starts tomorrow!!  We loaded up with groceries this morning from the store so we should be good and energized!!

God bless and thanks for your prayers!!  More to follow..


4 thoughts on “Krakow day 1

  1. Thank you for keeping us so up to date! Each time I get to get on the puter I look to see if anyone has said anything new about what you’re doing. Keep up the good work, and know we’re praying heavily for you!

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