Football Camp

P1000159.JPGWell I made it safe to Krakow and I am sitting at the computer in my temporary home with four of my fellow and quite smelly teamates 😉  I got to Krakow right on time and was met by Shea Massengale andtake straight to camp.  I was on time but my bag was two days late so I practiced with one change of clothes and no change of underwear!!  Practicing football commando is uncomfortable and ill advised!!

Camp went great.  The players are much improved and are working very hard.  They put me straight to work!  I had no jet lag recovery and no sympathy at all!!  They practiced me hard because they basically tried me at every postion but offensive line!!  Needless to say I am very sore!!

We play the Steelers on saturday.  This is a big game because this is the only other undefeated team other than us.  They players are very confident and focused.  Please pray for us as we get ready to play this weekend.


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