Tuesday Night Bible Study(Polish edition)

Tonight we met at Alberts house for bible study.  Albert is a missionary with the IMB and one of the football coaches.  Velna, Gil and Pavel all came!!  This is a huge victory in our attempt to reach this team.  We talked about integrity tonight and shared how we should not live two seperate lives but live with integrity always.

We studied out of Job chapter 1.  The guys had great input.  We went out after and met with one of the other football guys and I was able to share with him some of the stuff we were studying.  He was very receptive.

Pray that through us that God will soften these guys hearts to the thought of spiritual things.  They have had horrible experiences with church their entire lives and are so closed off at times.

I live with Velna and have already had two great conversations with him!!  He was one I shared my faith with back in March and he was polite but very closed off to going to church and bible study.  Now he never misses!!  He even said he would go to church with me sunday!!  God is good!!

Will His people pray for continued fruit?


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Night Bible Study(Polish edition)

  1. Excited to hear how God is working…Will be praying for Velna, Gil and Pavel. Have a great weekend! Jeremy, Katelin, and I are thinking about you! Love you!

    1. Thanks Lindz and thank you for helping me get to the airport and helping me get my stuff on the plane!! Your quick thinking helped make the lives better for some of the people here that wanted that stuff!!

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