Semifinals: Tigers 24 Owls 0

On a wet and cold Sunday afternoon the hometown Tigers faced off against a familiar opponent in the Gliwice Owls.  The result was familiar as well as the Tigers wasted little time letting the Owls know that they did not stand a chance in this contest!!

The Tigers dominated a game that was a very uneventful game from the start.  The strong defense of the Tigers was just too much for the Owls to handle.

How did you like my attempt at being a sports writer!?!?!  I know I know it needs some work!  Anyways, congratulations to my fellow teamates as we have reached the Championship game (Poland Bowl) against the Zagłębie Steelers.

We ended the season as the first and second ranked teams with the only loss the Steelers having coming as a result of their trip to Krakow and my first game with the team!!

Stay tuned and follow us at the Tigers website!!  The game will be on the 24th of October!!

Please pray for one of our players, Artur, who suffered a season ending knee injury.  This comes as a huge blow to our team.  Also pray for one of the Owls players who suffered a seizure during the game.  This was very serious and scary to see.

Thanks for reading!!


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