Well I have been home for almost an entire week now and so far a lot has happened.  Visiting with friends and family in Arkansas and Texas was such a blessing.  Watching some great football was too!!  More than that is the great event that took place this past Saturday night.

You see Becca had been planning for a while to have a surprise welcome home party for me.  She had everything planned perfectly.  She had food, she invited everyone I know and got them there,  she even had a video of pictures from their semester here and my time in Poland!!

What she didn’t plan for was the fact that I had known about her plan for almost as long as she had been planning it.  You see I had a surprise for her that I had been working on as well.  I struggled with how to go about asking Becca to be my wife but when I got word of the party (From an anonymous individual) I knew this was the perfect opportunity.

It was hard to wait almost a week knowing that the ring was just sitting there in a box in my mothers closet.  It was also hard not to laugh when Becca would speak in code to people on the phone and to her folks and mine.  Her parents as well as mine knew that I knew so it was also tons of fun pretending that Beccas secret was still a secret!!

The hardest day was Saturday.  I had to be on my game.  We had a little scare after I used my niece Katelin for the video and she kept running around the house saying, “Be my Aunt Bec Bec!!”  But she did good keeping the secret!!  The night went perfectly.  I was so blessed to have my friends, family and even my Chicago family be there.  It was perfect.  Becca showed her video, then much to her surprise I had my video there ready to show!!  She looked a little confused.  The video seemed so long but soon enough my face popped up on screen telling Becca that there were some people that had a question for her.  First it was the football guys asking her to marry me in polish. Secondly the Compass family asked her in english, then lastly Katelin asked Becca to be her Aunt Bec Bec!!!

It was such an awesome feeling to finally get the chance to ask Becca something that I knew I wanted to ask her for so long.  Romans 8:28 reads,And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

Thank the Lord for that.  It is truly evident in my life and I am sure in yours as well!!  Its so good to be home!!


4 thoughts on “Surprise!!

  1. I am so excited for this wedding! 🙂
    It will be grand!
    My fav part was Katelin! She’s so adorable.
    Congrats again! I’m so happy for you two, you did such a great job!

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