The Ironman Wisconsin Experience Day 1

I have had a lot of texts and messages in the past day asking about my time thus far in Wisconsin so I have decided to do some mini-posts over the next few days.

Becca and I left at 2:30 am on Thursday morning and started the long drive to Madison for Ironman Wisconsin. With a pit-stop to pick up our friend David in Sherwood, and a few other stops along the way, we were able to make good time and arrived around 4:30pm. As you see it was a tiring ride! (David in the front. Becca laying down in the back)
We made it to the expo for “Athlete Check-In” and received all of our gear bags and essentials for the race.

We met up with good friends Jeff Glasbrenner and his family for a quick chat and then we headed out.

After dropping David off at his his home stay, Becca and I made our way to the hotel to unload our things and grab some dinner.

Day 2 will be a little more packed with Ironman prep and more Expo browsing. We did have two minor catastrophes on the trip. We were transporting another persons bike to the race for them along with David’s and mine. As we were looking for a place to park in Downtown Madison, we heard a loud “CRASH” noise and to our dismay saw her bike laying on the side of the street! It had fallen off my roof rack! Luckily we dodged a bullet and there were no major problems!

We also had to change hotels due to smoke and it being in a rough area. With my asthma and the need for a solid, comfortable place to rest, we had to find other accommodations. We found a place that is much closer to the race start and much nicer as well!

Blessed to be here. Will post a day 2 update soon!


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