The Ironman Wisconsin Experience (Day 2)

After a glorious and long sleep, Becca and I ate breakfast and headed back to the Expo and race area. We met up with good friends, Adam and Amanda, and spent most of the morning with them. Becca got in a run and Adam got checked in for the race.

While we waited for Adam and Becca, Amanda and I watched the pro athlete panel. It was great to hear from pro’s like Maik Twelsiek and Hillary Biscay, along with others as they shared their thoughts and secrets on the race! Priceless info!



After Adam and Becca returned we went to lunch. After lunch we did some more Expo browsing and visited the “Finish Line”.



We wrapped up our time there by me getting in a pre-swim on the swim course. I am relieved to swim in a fresh water lake. My first Ironman was in Florida and we swam in the Gulf of Mexico. It went very well but there is always a chance for major waves and tide currents!

Becca and I came back to the room and I went for a short bike ride to make sure everything was dialed in on the bike while she took a nap! We ended the day with dinner at Panera and an early movie. After picking up a few more essentials at Target, we are now about to head off to bed!

Nerves are starting to hit a little bit! So ready for Sunday to get here! I will give you guys a day three update tomorrow.



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