The Ironman Wisconsin Experience (Day 3 – Day before Race)

After a long nights sleep Becca got up and went for a run while I finished some preparation for my gear bags and bike.


You receive these bags before you go into transition from the swim to the bike and then from the bike to the run.

After her run we packed up the bike and gear bags and drove them to the Monona Terrace and the race site.

After racking my bike and dropping off my bags, Becca and I made a few more small purchases at the Expo and went for a drive around the bike course.

The course is a beautiful course that consists of two-main loops and a small out and back for a total of 112 miles. The scenery will hopefully relieve some of the pain from this hilly bike ride!

After riding the course we went to my friend Jeff’s sisters house for a little swim party. We stayed and played with the kids and took a quick dip in the pool.

After a hour or so, Becca and I went and drove the mostly flat run course that takes you through downtown Madison. We then went and did some cargo-loading at Olive Garden and now are at the hotel watching some College Football! Go Hogs!

Looking forward to the experience of this great race tomorrow! Going to be a fun day! Long, but fun!




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