Catch Up

I realize that I have done little over the last two years to be a good steward of this space/blog, however I have still carried with me the passion of sharing my life and my thoughts with you. So in order to get you back up to speed, I wanted to take a quick moment to catch you up. These next three paragraphs will give you a brief, but concise, picture into the life my families and my life over the last two years.

Willow Grace Woodall

Willow was born on September, 22 2014 at 5:33am on a Monday. This was a very unexpected occurrence, as Becca had not shown any signs that she would go into labor early. Outside of Jesus and Becca, Willow is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I believe Becca would agree. She is full of life and joy. She is a picture of God’s grace that I get the privilege of witnessing each day. We are so thankful for her.


Delta Outdoor Church

After spending the previous 6 years in student ministry, I had the opportunity to join a group of men in McGehee, AR in the planting of a church to reach outdoorsman in the Delta. What began as a dream from my time at Journey Church with Pastor Jeff Noble, to plant small groups and churches in the delta, became even more of a passion as I prayed through the possibilities of planting a church in SEARK with fellow church planter Scottie Johnson of Outdoor Church of Arkansas, as he shared with me his vision for planting churches to reach outdoorsmen and their families in Arkansas. DOC began as a small group of men meeting every other week in a farmers shop and today is a fully functioning church that meets weekly in our own facility here in McGehee, AR. DOC has been in operation just over one year.


My Father

My dad has had a rare, non-aggressive, type of Leukemia over the last 9 years. We found out back in January that this cancer had mutated to a very aggressive type of T-Cell Lymphoma. Since finding out this diagnosis, my father has spent the better part of a month in the hospital battling everything from high fever and infection. He began treatment in the hospital and was released a few weeks later to come home, however he would have to be put back into the hospital due to complications of the cancer spreading to his central nervous system. Dad has a long and hard road ahead of him for recovery. We are praying for complete healing and for dad to be able to return home, return to work, and return to normalcy. We would appreciate your prayers in this as well.

Well I hope this catches you up some. I will try to do better and post more often!



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