On Mission


I have just returned from serving with this great team this past week in Santa Cruz, Honduras. It was a great week. We were able to share the Gospel and treat over 1,000 Hondurans. We had over 100 decisions for Christ. The Lord moved in great ways.

When we arrived to the mission house in El Plan on Saturday we were met with the news that our original mission location had been canceled and we had yet to have a replacement. I was able to get a FaceBook Live video out asking people to pray for us. This was a big deal. Its not easy to get a school director in any country to cancel a whole weeks worth of class so a bunch of foreigners can inhabit their school with absolutely no time to give their staff notice. We knew that God had us a place. The cancellation did not come as a surprise to our God. He would provide. Did He ever.

We were thankful that one school director was willing to take a chance and allow us to come to his school on zero notice. I am also thankful that the dozen teachers and hundreds of students that showed up on Monday to teach and go to class were gracious and even excited about us being there for the week.

This school was immaculate. It was a new school that Spain had built for this community. It was perfect set up in a perfect location. We were located less than 200 yards from the local church we were going to work with.

My job for the week was to preach some of our church services that we had for each group that came to the clinic as well as do door to door evangelism.

I also had the pleasure of bringing a Word to our team each morning for our group devotion. I challenged them on the last day with this:

I challenged them and myself not to waste this week. We started the day with devotion. We shared our faith daily. We served. We fellowshipped with other disciples. We encouraged one another. We bore each others burdens. I challenged them, and myself, to let this become a lifestyle as we continue to live our lives “On Mission” for God back in our individual cities, in our individual jobs, and in our individual families.

In Matthew 28 verse 19 Jesus tells us to “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations,”(ESV). The understanding here for the disciples would be for them to make disciples “As” they go, or wherever they be going be making disciples.

I know this is day one stuff for some of you. I find myself at times struggling to implement this concept in my every day life. Living our lives “On Mission” should be a lifestyle, not just something we do a few weeks out of the year.

The last challenge I gave the team was for them not to let the next time that they share Christ with someone be when they are back in Honduras next year.

Lets get to work.


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