It isn’t quitting. It is a regrouping of sorts. It is a time to get away and be able to think, uninterrupted by media or other distractions. It is a retreat. And for the ministerial staff at FBCMonticello we are “Retreating” to a cabin off of the White River in Mountain View, AR.

There will be golf, there will be biking, and there will be fishing; but most importantly there will be lots of prayer and meditating on scripture as we seek council from the Lord.

Pray for us as we get away to unplug and talk goals and vision. We believe that this is important as we seek to lead and shepherd our church in a way that pleases the Lord.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for praying.



This weekend Becca and I had the privilege of attending the Youth Evangelism Conference with Kevin and the youth of FBC Monticello. Alex Himaya and Brian Mills did the teaching and encouraging, and The Museum led us in worship.


The band For King and Country gave us a great concert before leaving on friday night! Minus a mysterious “Fire Alarm” pull at 1am on Saturday morning at the hotel, which destroyed any chance I had for sleep, we had an amazing time at YEC.


The best part of the weekend was seeing two of our youth come to know Jesus for the first time! The other youth left with a more sense of urgency to share Christ with their friends and family! If you are a youth leader looking to take your group to a conference next year, make sure you check out YEC Arkansas!


A highlight for me was getting to see my good friend Nick Reed. We played in a band together when we lived in Atlanta and now he is a touring member of The Museum!