The past few months have been an incredible blessing for Becca and me. We found out in February that we were expecting a baby! The Lord has brought us through an incredible season with allowing us to go through the pain of losing a child last year through miscarriage, to consistently redeeming our pain and hurt through blessing after blessing. At almost a year removed from our loss, we were greeted with the news of an ultimate gain in finding out we were expecting once again! A few weeks ago we found out that this September  we will be expecting a baby girl. Willow Grace!

With technology we can know more about babies, and so much other things than we have never known before. We learned from an app that we are using to track the growth of Willow that she is already having dreams due to the fact that babies develop their sleep-wake cycle in the womb. This is incredible! My mind quickly turned to stories that I am hearing of Muslims that are turning to Christ because of “Visions”, or dreams, in which they are seeing Jesus! For the 1,400 plus years of Islam’s existence they have resisted the Gospel but now are turning to it because they are dreaming about Jesus!

So I have begun to pray that Willow will dream about Jesus. Yes, 27 week old Willow. People may think that is crazy, but I know that the God that is still creating and developing my sweet little girl, that is developing her brain, can put visions of His Son in there. I am praying that Jesus will start to enter her brain because I am already praying for the day that she will ask Him into her heart.

I also pray that our hearts, visions, dreams, and lives will be filled with the Son.


The Ironman Wisconsin Experience Day 1

I have had a lot of texts and messages in the past day asking about my time thus far in Wisconsin so I have decided to do some mini-posts over the next few days.

Becca and I left at 2:30 am on Thursday morning and started the long drive to Madison for Ironman Wisconsin. With a pit-stop to pick up our friend David in Sherwood, and a few other stops along the way, we were able to make good time and arrived around 4:30pm. As you see it was a tiring ride! (David in the front. Becca laying down in the back)
We made it to the expo for “Athlete Check-In” and received all of our gear bags and essentials for the race.

We met up with good friends Jeff Glasbrenner and his family for a quick chat and then we headed out.

After dropping David off at his his home stay, Becca and I made our way to the hotel to unload our things and grab some dinner.

Day 2 will be a little more packed with Ironman prep and more Expo browsing. We did have two minor catastrophes on the trip. We were transporting another persons bike to the race for them along with David’s and mine. As we were looking for a place to park in Downtown Madison, we heard a loud “CRASH” noise and to our dismay saw her bike laying on the side of the street! It had fallen off my roof rack! Luckily we dodged a bullet and there were no major problems!

We also had to change hotels due to smoke and it being in a rough area. With my asthma and the need for a solid, comfortable place to rest, we had to find other accommodations. We found a place that is much closer to the race start and much nicer as well!

Blessed to be here. Will post a day 2 update soon!


Becca and I are in the process of renovating what is soon to be our home! We are so very blessed and excited. We took on a “project”, and with the help of my father and a few friends we have made major progress. This is what our kitchen looked like the day we bought the house.Image

The previous owner had a kitchen fire right before the home went on the market. Some new drywall, paint, cabinets, and major elbow grease later and this is what the progress looks like as of today.Image

Looks different doesn’t it? Almost wouldn’t recognize it if it weren’t posted in the same message right?

So many times over the past two months I have looked at this house and it has reminded me of the work the Lord has done in my heart and life. In 1995 the Lord began to renovate my heart. As a 12 year old I made a decision to follow Christ and in that moment I put the old self behind and started on my faith journey. Becoming a Christian did not make me a perfect, complete person. God inherited a mess. A project if you will. Over these past 18 years of my faith journey, as God has continued to mold me, there has been a lot of progress made. But I am nowhere near perfect, or complete. Paul gives me hope in what he tells the church in Philippians 1:6

“And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ”.

This house still needs a lot of work to be complete, but everyday is a day closer to when it becomes our home. Each nail driven is one step closer.

I still need a lot of work. Im so thankful to know our God is at work in me and promises to make me whole and complete one day. That day I will see Jesus.


Tonight Becca and I will be “Welcomed” as a part of the FBC Monticello family. We have been here on staff since August of 2012 but they wanted to make sure they liked me before they went through the trouble of throwing us a “Shindig”!

We are also in the process of renovating our home that we have recently purchased here in Monticello. We will post some pictures soon. We are so blessed to be back home serving this great church. 

I will be a better steward of this blog in the future 😉 Thank you for checking in!